Bankruptcy & Creditor Representation

Whether you are a consumer or business facing financial difficulty, or you are a creditor trying to collect debts that are rightfully owed to you, Naumann, Agnello & Associates has the team and resources to help you navigate the process. Click the appropriate link below to see how our attorneys can help:

Consumer Facing Financial Hardship

Many tools exist in both federal and state law to assist you when facing financial difficulties. From foreclosure defense to bankruptcy, from creditor negotiations to wage and account garnishment defense, Naumann, Agnello & Associates has the experience, tools, and strategies to help you through this stressful time.

While well-versed in consumer bankruptcy, our attorneys recognize that bankruptcy is not the right answer for every financial difficulty. Our attorneys have successfully negotiated many compromises with consumer creditors, as well as many home loan modifications. These workouts put clients back on a solid footing without the negative impact of a bankruptcy. If the matter is already in litigation, you may have legal defenses in the collection process that can protect all or a portion of your assets. If you are facing foreclosure, Naumann, Agnello & Associates can assist in giving you back some control, either with a loan modification or, if you need to let go of your home, with a short sale, deed in lieu of foreclosure, or consent foreclosure.

Of course, there are times when bankruptcy is the best option. Whether you qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and can eliminate all your debt immediately or you will be required to pay all or a portion of your debts over time in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, Naumann, Agnello & Associates is ready to help. We are ready to advise you not only on the legal steps of the process, but also the moral and practical grounds for filing. We understand the impact of your income and assets on the process, and we know the protections that are available for your assets under the law.

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Business Facing Financial Hardship

When your business needs legal protection because of financial difficulties, the stress can affect not only your company, but also you and your family. Naumann, Agnello & Associates sees the whole picture, and we are ready to help you through the steps to keep your business running if possible and if not, to liquidate with the least impact to your personal and family assets.

Bankruptcy is available for businesses, but non-bankruptcy options exist also. In some circumstances, a non-bankruptcy dissolution of your business entity may offer you the protection you need from creditors. Whether your business files for bankruptcy or not, our attorneys can help not only with the legal needs of the business, but can help protect you and your family personally, as well.

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Creditor Needing Collections Service

There are several ways to collect outstanding obligations from consumers and businesses in the State of Illinois, and Naumann, Agnello & Associates understands the purpose, the timing, and the requirements of each method. Our attorneys obtain and successfully collected judgments for our clients, all while managing the timing and the cost of the process. Most importantly, we help our clients navigate the many requirements that exist in the collections process, especially regarding consumer debts.

Our attorneys litigate in commercial collections, foreclosure, mechanics lien, landlord-tenant, and bankruptcy cases, so we are prepared to handle your matter wherever the case leads. In some commercial collection cases we offer contingent fee arrangements, so you can rest assured that our fee will be only a fraction of what we collect for you.

A variety of statutes of limitation apply to collection cases, so please contact our office right away for a free initial consultation.