Naumann & Associates VISION

You have come to the right place. Naumann & Associates is a firm of attorneys and counselors at law, who are committed to providing Elk Grove Village and the surrounding area with dependable legal service when you need it most. Because our firm focuses on real estate law, estate planning and probate, corporate and business law, and litigation, our attorneys are prepared to help you navigate the most important decisions of your life.

Perhaps you are entering into a significant real estate transaction, such as the sale of your home or the purchase of commercial property for your business. Maybe you are planning to care for your loved ones or settling the estate of someone who has passed away. You might be embarking on a new relationship by establishing a new business with fellow investors or negotiating a lease with a new tenant. Or perhaps you are in a dispute which cannot be resolved without legal representation.

Whatever your situation, the attorneys at Naumann & Associates understand that when you are seeking legal advice and representation, you are facing the most important decisions of your life. That is why Attorneys Robert Naumann and their associates handle every client professionally, with responsiveness, respect and integrity you can trust. To find out more, check out our Core Values of Client Representation. If you are looking for real estate, estate, or corporate legal services in a particular area near Elk Grove Village, click on a Practice Area link above, or simply refer to the Contact Information section to learn how to contact the offices of Naumann & Associates in Elk Grove Village directly.


Qualified Legal Representation

You can be confident that Naumann & Associates practices with specific attention to the core values of client representation. Please take time to read through our core values to understand how they relate to our clients, and what to expect from our diligence in practicing these areas of law: Real Estate, Estate Planning and Settlement, Corporate & Business, Bankruptcy, and Civil Litigation & Appeals.


When you need legal representation, you need someone who will take your calls and respond to your questions. The attorneys at Naumann & Associates are ready to listen, whether on the phone, by video conference, or at a consultation in person at our offices. Existing clients find that our experienced staff keep our clients informed on the status of their matter and help resolve day-to-day questions efficiently. In the event that you are not able to speak with an attorney or an associate immediately when you call our firm in Elk Grove Village, you can generally expect to receive a call back within the next half business day.


The attorneys at Naumann & Associates keep their clients in the driver's seat, not the back seat. No one knows your situation and desired outcome as well as you. Your attorney should listen to your concerns and advise you accordingly. Our attorneys and staff believe in treating clients with respect.


The attorney-client relationship is built on trust, and that is exactly the foundation that the attorneys at Naumann & Associates lay with every client they represent. Confidentiality, experience, strong values, and straightforward advice are the building blocks our attorneys use to ensure that clients know they can trust us in the conference room and in the courtroom.


If trust is the foundation, integrity is the cornerstone. Like the vast majority of our clients, the attorneys at Naumann & Associates believe that integrity is central to their lives and their work. They believe that persistently and diligently handling transactions and litigation the right way leads to the best possible result for their clients. Whether giving advice to a client, negotiating with another attorney, or arguing before the court, the attorneys at Naumann & Associates keep integrity as the hallmark of their reputation.


The attorneys and staff at Naumann & Associates have a team approach to transactions and litigation that focuses on delivering value to our clients. That is how we can keep our clients informed and be available to address clients' questions and concerns without "running the meter" for every minute of every call. Initial consultations are generally free of charge, and many services are provided on a flat fee basis.

We are excited to announce that the law firm of Susan Rogers (Rogers Law Firm LLC) has merged with Naumann, Agnello & Associates!

With our combined team, resources, and experience, the attorneys at Naumann, Agnello & Associates have a vision to grow a firm where insightful counsel and legal representation help our clients achieve and enjoy what they were made for–individually, with their families, and with their organizations.

Come check us out at our new office location. Click below to explore our website and find out more!