From children to charity, for a young family or a second spouse, whether you have a substantial estate or just enough—the attorneys at Naumann & Associates have seen it and planned for it. We pride ourselves on hearing and learning about what your priorities are, then fashioning a plan for you that meets your needs, not overselling you on estate tools you and your family will likely never use. While we handle numerous probate cases every year, our estate planning focus is on avoiding probate entirely, along with its delay, hassle, and expense, if possible. Our attorneys also give due attention to planning for and minimizing the tax consequences of the estate plans we craft.

When you contact Naumann & Associates about an estate plan, with a will, will and trust, or otherwise, you can expect to get sound advise from experienced attorneys who know the tools to protect your assets and make the handling of your estate as smooth as possible for your loved ones. Some tools in our toolkit require no drafting on our part at all, and we sometimes have clients leave our office with wise strategies that cost them nothing, especially if they have prepared any estate documents before. However, if your situation requires a will, powers of attorney, a trust, or any related instruments, you can count on our attorneys to be upfront about our reasonable flat fee rates for estate planning services.



Living Trusts
for married couples and individuals, with or without tax concerns
Irrevocable Trusts and Payback Trusts
Simple Wills
Powers of Attorney
for Health Care and Property
Transfer on Death Instruments
Land Trusts
Advanced Medical Directives/Living Wills
HIPAA Authorizations
Certificates of Trust
Deeds into and out of Trust
Trust Opinion Letters
Retitling of assets and complex beneficiary clauses

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While the attorneys at Naumann & Associates typically draft estate plans to avoid probate, you may be required to probate the estate of your recently deceased loved because they worked with another attorney to prepare their plan, chose to have only a simple will, or had no estate plan at all. If probate is required, don’t worry—our attorneys shepherd estates through the probate process regularly. We make the process as smooth as possible for our clients. Moreover, our experience has made us quite efficient; although we charge hourly rates for probated estates, you are almost certain to find that our fees our substantially less than many of our colleagues.

Even if your loved one left no will, there are still techniques available to avoid probate in some cases, such as the “premium” or “bond” in lieu of probate process and the small estate affidavit. The market value of real estate in the estate, or the overall size of the estate, will determine whether these non-probate options are permissible and, if so, whether the option is affordable.

Of course, avoiding probate is not always possible. If you are facing an estate that is disputed among siblings or others, or if your loved one passed with a substantial number or amount of debts, probate may be the wisest option even if it is not required. Several factors impact the choice to pursue probate.

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Probate of Testate and Intestate Estates
Probate of Estates with Will Annexed
Ancillary Estates
Trust Settlement—Privately or in Court
Settling and Litigating Disputed Estates
Settling and Litigating Creditor Claims
Small Estate Affidavits
Deed/Bond /Premium in Lieu of Probate
Estate Inventory and Accounting
Asset Liquidation Assistance
Real Estate Closings
(billed separately at a flat fee)
Business Liquidation

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