Commercial Property Real Estate Lawyer in Arlington Heights, IL

Real estate is an expensive investment, so it's imperative that you get all the documentation and terms of the sale finalized in a way that benefits you. This is even more important when it comes to commercial real estate, due to the larger sale amounts and potential company liability.

Contact a commercial property real estate lawyer at Naumann, Agnello & Associates, LLC, to learn more about selling your commercial property in Arlington Heights, IL, so you can do so safely and without risking your business.

Decades of Experience

Arlington Heights is near Elk Grove Village, IL, which boasts one of the largest business industrial parks in the world, so if you want to snag a property close by in a well-trafficked area, you need an experienced commercial property lawyer.

Each of our name partners has nearly 20 years of experience as a licensed attorney, so we have the expertise to help you with the legal representation you need. We offer both residential and commercial property real estate attorney services, so we can facilitate the sale or purchase of your new home or the place you want to build your business.

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