Whether you are divesting commercial real estate holdings, developing a condominium, or simply purchasing your first home—or anything in between—the law firm of Naumann & Associates, will work for you to make the transaction is as smooth as possible while making sure you are protected in the process.

Our firm takes a team approach to closing real estate transactions, which means our clients benefit from “high-touch” representation that emphasizes communication without wasting your time. From the first introductory phone call or email to the final delivery of your sales proceeds or recorded deed, we are in constant communication with our real estate buyers and sellers. At the same time, we work to protect you behind the scenes in countless ways without explaining every nuance of the law.

You can have confidence in the experience of the team at Naumann & Associates. We handle real estate transactions every day, so we have the highest level of familiarity with all of the most popular contract forms and provisions in use in Chicagoland, as well as lender requirements and the procedures of all major title companies, scores of cities and villages throughout the metropolitan area.

Following are some of the services this law firm provides in Elk Grove Village, Schaumburg, and the surrounding area. Please contact our attorneys today to learn more about your options.



Commercial real estate transactions, whether involving industrial, office, retail, multi-family, or other property types, have unique demands and significantly higher liability exposure for both sides than residential transactions. The attorneys at Naumann & Associates know what it takes to protect both sellers and buyers in commercial real estate transactions, and we provide that protection without breaking the bank. Our fees for commercial transactions are generally flat fees at a fraction of a percent of the contract sales price.


Our attorneys handle all five phases of representation in the sale of residential real estate:
1. Contract negotiation;
2. Inspection negotiation;
3. Title clearance (including payoffs, association requirements, and transfer stamps);
4. Document preparation and execution; and
5. Representation at closing.

We charge a flat fee for residential real estate sales payable from the transaction proceeds at closing. Whenever possible, we encourage our clients to contact us briefly even before they get the first contract offer to get some of our best “inside” guidance.



Even before you get to the closing table, there are several ways our attorneys can help you navigate the process of purchasing property. We divide our representation of real estate buyers into four phases:

1. Contract negotiation;
2. Inspection negotiation;
3. Loan monitoring/contingency compliance; and
4. Representation at closing.

We charge a flat fee for residential real estate sales payable from the total funds you pay at closing.


Having negotiated numerous short sales, Naumann & Associates is prepared to help you sell your property with minimum liability—and in many cases, no liability—from you to your lender or lenders after the completion of the transaction. Our staff has extensive experience and a thorough understanding of the entire closing process, including all of the many factors that contribute to the financial aspects of the transaction. We will always work with sellers to negotiate a deficiency waiver with all of your lenders and lien holders and to make our fee payable from the transaction proceeds, not from your pocket. Best of all, our attorneys charge no up-front fees for short sales.



Whether developing or converting a condominium or gathering your neighbors to create a homeowner association, it is not enough to meet the minimum statutory requirements. You need an attorney that is familiar with, and can help you avoid, the typical points of conflict in managing an association, as well as the potential liabilities. Our attorneys have experience in organizing associations, working through the day-to-day issues that arise between associations and unit owners, and resolving association disputes both inside the courtroom and before litigation starts. We can help you avoid issues before they arise and effectively resolve issues that do arise.


From land use and zoning to construction and complex title clearance, the attorneys at Naumann & Associates can help you achieve the highest and best use for your investment. Our goal is to maximize your options and outcome so you can maximize your bottom line. We are familiar with both International Codes and local ordinances, and we have experience dealing with officials in municipalities throughout Chicagoland. We will help you remain compliant, avoid pitfalls, and maximize your parcel.


To achieve maximum privacy, minimize risk, and maintain control of the succession of your real estate assets with as little court involvement as possible, you need the attorneys at Naumann & Associates to help you take title of your real estate acquisition into a land trust. We have worked with the leading land trust administrators in Chicagoland, and we are familiar with their requirements. We can help you avoid mistakes in the acquisition process that might erase some of the primary benefits of using a land trust. Trust us to connect you to the right resources and manage a smooth transaction.


Deferring capital gains through a 1031 exchange on the sale and acquisition of investment real estate is an excellent way to grow your wealth. Using a qualified intermediary is a true safe harbor in the 1031 exchange process, and it is an essential way to augment the guidance you receive from experienced real estate investment counsel like the attorneys at Naumann & Associates. Let us help you make more of your ROI available for your next investment purchase.

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