The State of Illinois ranks dead last out of all 50 states in a 2019 Lawsuit Climate Survey conducted by the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform. The survey analyzed how “fair and reasonable” each state’s liability system is perceived to be by the businesses that responded to the survey. The survey also found that Chicago or Cook County, Illinois, was the worst jurisdiction of those included in the survey. When you are facing a legal system that comes in last place for being fair and reasonable, you need a team of experienced, professional attorneys to help you level the playing field. Naumann & Associates is that team.

Part of our professionalism is delivering value. We do that in part by navigating you away from costly litigation that promises little or no return on investment. We also make every effort to deliver value in how we handle billing, for example by dividing time among multiple clients where possible, reducing the billing rate for travel, and no-charging associate time where it is duplicative of the time of the principal. Moreover, we systemize representation for efficiency and pass along the savings to our clients.

Of course, cost savings means nothing without a satisfactory result in your case. The team at Naumann & Associates is persistent and experienced. We have successfully represented clients from around the country and around the world before hundreds of judges in federal, state, municipal, and  administrative courts all over Chicagoland. Our litigation emphasis is the same as our transaction emphasis: real estate, estates and probate, and corporate and business matters. From motion practice to trial practice, and from mediation to arbitration, we have successfully covered it, and we can handle your matter, as well.

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We are excited to announce that the law firm of Susan Rogers (Rogers Law Firm LLC) has merged with Naumann, Agnello & Associates!

With our combined team, resources, and experience, the attorneys at Naumann, Agnello & Associates have a vision to grow a firm where insightful counsel and legal representation help our clients achieve and enjoy what they were made for–individually, with their families, and with their organizations.

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